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Data Abstraction supports customers with more than just products. It also provides access to its skilled base of engineers and consultants for both operational support and consulting engagements.

Operational support

As manufacturers with complex information systems controlling production, you are faced with a difficult choice. You can, either staff up to maintain an organic ability to support their systems, or outsource operations and support to partners.

The choice to maintain an internal capacity to run systems is preferred, but often the requirement for multiple members of staff qualified to support a system, and the difficulty in utilising them for other activities when they are not busy with their primary function is difficult and costly to manage.

In contrast, an external partner is able to leverage their aggregate capacity to provide the same, or even better, levels of service for even time-sensitive business critical systems. The staff are exposed to more variety and gain broader experience and are managed as a part of a portfolio of systems. Many troubleshooting skills are only acquired through experience, and involvement in a variety of activities improves the engineers' ability to respond promptly, and correctly, when a problem occurs.

Our support services provide for both on-site and remote support, with a staffed service desk for extended operation hours, and full standby support at all times for unexpected problems, and operations in plants that run multiple shifts.


As part of the overall landscape, we have found that the longer-term integration architecture is often neglected. A large amount of effort is placed in creating a consistent platform for software systems, but because the facility equipment is so different to most information technology system assets, it does not receive the same attention.

We understand the integration occurs in a larger picture that brings together applications, facilities and people and cannot exist without them.

Our consultants have extensive experience in providing a integration-focused perspective on architecture, how this relates to typical manufacturing initiatives.


Where we supply a Cascades operational service bus implementation, we are more than prepared to support the project by training, conceptual design or providing implementation services (or all together) in order to reduce the time you require to complete the project.

Where your staff are resource constrained, we can provide engineers to support the process of implementing integration scenarios using the Cascades platform and assisting in other common systems.

Engaging with Data Abstraction

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