Data Abstraction (Pty) Ltd


Data Abstraction is the developer of the Cascades Operational service broker (OSB).

We also provide consulting and support services to industrial customers who would prefer to focus on their internal processes and not attempt to staff up a full information systems department with software engineers.

Engineers can be provided on-site, but our preferred support model is to train multiple engineers in your platform, and have them routinely provide remote support, with site visits to clarify and apply changes to applications.

Automotive manufacture

Automotive manufacture is at the forefront of complexity and makes unique demands on information systems. Change is constant and often interrelated. Introducing a visible middleware layer into the application stack can provide a stable platform for agility and flexibility as new systems are introduced and old ones retired.

Data Abstraction Cascades can be used to provide a flexible underpinning to support the ability to change.

Custom hardware support

Often, a software solution is almost right. Only a small amount of additional integration would provide a completely seamless connection between the existing system and the new addition. Cascades can bridge this gap, without requiring changes to either system and avoiding the future maintenance headaches that result from customisation.