Data Abstraction (Pty) Ltd


Data Abstraction (Pty) Ltd is a boutique software development house and consultancy. We develop an industrial middleware platform with a history of implementation in automotive manufacturing. A number of customers also utilise our engineers for operational support and software systems integration.

To improve our understanding of our customers' needs, we also provide consulting services aimed at supporting manufacturing strategy, systems integration and efficient use of available systems and services.

Cascades operational service broker

Our flagship product, the Cascades operational service broker (OSB), is described in detail with case studies of typical applications.

What makes Data Abstraction different from other providers?

Our close involvement with our customers in operating their systems provides us with detailed knowledge of their day-to-day concerns and allows us to identify the key requirements that are not visible from outside.

After analysing the results of our support activities, we continuously enhance our products to cater for these insights to better service existing and new customers.